TCAR KiDs at Home

Parent's simply follow these steps to enjoy TCAR KiD's with your family at home!

TCAR KiDs At Home Resources

      Step 1:  Lesson Overview




      Step 2: Watch the Video

                   Don't Be A Weak Sauce Christian

      Step 3:  Answer Questions and Complete Activities

                   Download  Family Discussion Page

                   Download Activity Page

                   Download  Coloring Page

                   Download Craft and Game Instructions option 1

                   Download Craft Template


      Step 4:  Gospel Presentation Video

      Step 5:  Share Photos and Videos from your TCAR KiDs at Home  

                   experience! Tag the church or TCAR KiD's  #TCARatHome

      Step 6:  Reach out to somebody you missed seeing at church today.  Tell  

                   them you missed them and you can't wait until we get to be back